About Me

I grew up in front of a boombox or a radio system. Music was always my first love, and continues to be until this day. Growing up in a small town in central New Jersey, Highland Park, I was always known as the go-to if you wanted to know anything about music! That passion turned into reality as I became the Program Director & assistant General Manager of Rutgers-Newark's radio station WRNU. During that time, we hosted the biggest parties, I learned to DJ, and therefore, I became the soundtrack of many parties on campus, also producing a roundup of shows at the station. This resulted in an internship with Hot 97 and on the Angie Martinez Show.

In 2012, I graduated from Rutgers University with a Journalism & Media Studies degree, which paved the way for my work at Hot 97. Over the years, I grew from the assistant producer of The Angie Martinez Show to Digital Producer, to Social Media & Editorial Coordinator, and finally to the position I hold now, Social Media & Editorial Manager. During my time at Hot 97, I have written several original pieces, journaling moments in Hip Hop history and the present, as well as reporting on various breaking stories throughout the year. You will also occasionally hear my voice on Ebro in the Morning and other programs throughout the day.

My journey has been a harmonious blend of music, journalism, and media, and I am passionate about sharing the beat of Hip Hop culture with the world. Music continues to be my guiding star, and I look forward to writing the next chapter in my career, connecting people through the power of sound and storytelling."